LIFT TRUCK CO is a private company that is a general representative of the world's leading brands in the internal logistics of the territory of Serbia and Montenegro (STILL, Trelleborg, BoPlan, Tyri Lights, SIS, Energic Plus). Since our foundation, we have been working with the largest global and local companies that through our consulting approach have recognized the strategic pertners in the process of production, warehousing, fleet maintenance and storage. We consider each request as a challenge and the ability to create new values. By analyzing the work, we saw the need for developing related segments, which are a turning point in the way of doing business and market performance. We believe that innovation is one of the most important conditions for continuous progress and development, and for this reason we have launched a series of revolutionary software solutions that will define a new way of tracking and managing forklifts. Our employees represent the highest value for us, and the transparency and confidence on which we have built the foundations of business implies the creation of a business culture that is necessary for the transformation of the whole society into something better.